Thursday, September 3, 2009

Using the PB with the Zig Zag Template

Kathy Henderson send me these pictures of her unique method of using the 2 tools.

She describes her work below:
"Although the new tool was designed to crosshatch from the front of the machine, I expect to use it for a different application. I will use it with the giant templates, when I want to stitch within some borders of the quilt, rather than edge to edge."
Both the ZZ and the Waves were used to make this pattern. Looks great!

"This one is a simple kids quilt. Piggy backing off the quilt design and the fabric, I used the waves and zig zag vertically within the borders, and horizontally for the borders. The new tool will allow me to stitch from the front down the border to the next row."
"For this oriental designed quilt, I used the zig zag to crosshatch the large center I freehanded and outlined the fan areas. Just like the previous child's quilt, the new tool allowed me to stitch from the front down the gold border to the next row in the crosshatched and Clam shell areas."

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