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Push Button Crosshatching System

HQ 16 Set up by Coleen O'Kane
System Information below- after examples
Coleen mounted the Push Button system using the clamps supplied.
She is using the Small 48" Diagonals boards for Mid-Arms

The Switch is mounted on the handle using elastic bands for flexibilty of placement
System Information below- after examples
Crosshatched quilt by Pamela Sperling

"I used the system with the 48” crosshatch boards on a quilt this past January. Only parts of the blocks were crosshatched. By using your system I was able to see where to start and stop the crosshatching. I think the system is great. I love crosshatching on quilts and your product made it so easy to see what you are doing. I have attached a picture of some of the blocks. My sister made the quilt for her husband as a Christmas gift. Part of my gift to him was to quilt it for him. He loves how it was quilted and is thrilled with the quilt."Pamela

Great War memorial quilt for the last living Canadian Veteran of this war. It will, eventually,be put in the War Museum, Ottawa. The Quilt was pieced by the Simcoe, Ontario Quilt Guild and quilted by Carol Cunningham.
The theme is based on the poem In Flanders Fields where "poppies grow row on row".
The center crosshatching done using the Push Button system fits very well. 2/28/09

Civil War Quilt

More pictures of this quilt by Carol Cunningham below
Click on picture to enlarge


For those that feel more confident crosshatching from the front, Circle Lord introduces the PUSH BUTTON CROSSHATCHING System.

It consists of a solenoid attached to the stylus holder, that lifts, and drops the stylus, to move from groove to groove.
The solenoid is wired to the push button switch that is attached to the front handle - see picture below.

Click to enlarge
The system is powered by a small power supply, similar that is used by laptops.

Just attach the solenoid to the stylus holder with the gear clamp provided, then, attach the pre-assembled wire harness using included plastic wire clips.

Push the button, and the stylus lifts with an audible click. Let go, and it drops down to the template surface, and then drops into a groove, as you move the machine.


Carol Cunningham is crosshatching a large quilt with a lot of applique. She stitches up to the applique and anchors the thread before jumping over the applique. Then anchor and move on to the edge, where she stitches in the ditch to the next groove coming back up. Just click the button on the handle to lift the stylus, let go and the stylus slides along the template until it drops into the next groove.

The template on is one of a pair of 48 inch diagonal templates. They are mounted on the table the same as the Zig Zag using small edge blocks taped down. This way you can slide the template easily to the next position. Just remove the left hand template and replace it with the right hand diagonal and do the crosshatch.

You can use the 18 inch template mounted on the Circle Lord just as well, as shown at the beginning.

Very fast and accurate

The template has been slide down to the last position. The corners are taped each time to keep it in place.
This is a closeup of the applique with the trailing threads laying across. They will be clipped later.

Quilt Information

"War and Pieces" a Civil War Reproduction Sampler. It is designed by Barbara Brackman, author of "Quilts from the Civil War" and Karla Carney Menaugh, and was published by the Sunflower Pattern Co-operative.


Click on Picture to enlarge

It is available for the APQS, Gammill, Nolting, A1, Prodigy, Proto, HQ16, and Tin Lizzie machines

The Regular Price is $149 plus shipping.

48 x 18 inch set of left and right diagonal templates $325.00 + shipping
48 x 14 inch set of left and right diagonal templates $299.00 + shipping

Call, or write, for more information, and to order


This system will not work for stepping templates where you have to lift and turn the template. It will have limited use on some of the Giant templates, only if you do not need to see the pattern, or adjust anything from the back.

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