Thursday, September 17, 2009

First PB quilt by Terry Blevins

This is from Terry's Blog

On my rack now
I'm killing two birds with one stone so to speak. I have loaded one of the sample quilts I made quite awhile ago from a pattern called Treasure Boxes. I actually taught this pattern to a class of beginner quilters. That was loads of fun and I wish I had time to teach. I found I actually liked teaching. Anyway I'm using this quilt for an online class and I'm also trying out the New Crosshatch giant template and Stylus Popper Upper from Circle Lord. It's the first on-line Long Arm Quilting Class I've taken. I'm taking it at MQSolutions. The class is called Feather Boot Camp by Suzanne Earley who by the way authored Meandering Magic. We are into week two and I'm learning lots about the structure of feathers. I'm learning how to draw better looking feathers. Although my feathers looked ok before, there was lots of room for improvement. Hopefully I'll be able to fix and quilt beautiful feathers someday soon. So far I haven't quilted any feathers yet, I'll do that tonight. But I did get to try out my new CL Crosshatch template and popper thingy. The stylus popper thingy allows you to stitch/quilt from the front of the machine. It seems to work really well and seems much faster. I think I'm going to like my new toy.
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